Poker Games for NZ Players

Online poker offers players an exciting yet challenging way of winning the prizes. Compared to other casino games available to players from New Zealand, the game of poker requires players to practice some logic and decision-making skills. And if players master the rules and a few strategies, winning at the table is easy. Today, online poker is the most popular card-based game online. It’s available in different variants and it allows you to play against the dealer or other players.

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Is it Safe and Legal to Play Online Poker in New Zealand?

Online poker gaming is governed by online gambling laws which may vary depending on the geographical location. Playing online poker in NZ is allowed but there are legal stipulations that are locally implemented. If you are concerned about your safety when playing poker, you need to be careful in choosing a poker site. When you are searching for an online casino, you want to consider the licenses and reputation of the website. Look for a fully licensed NZ casino that is also certified.

How Can You Play Online Poker?

Online poker technically requires a functional computer and a stable internet connection. In most cases, players are required to be a member of a casino before they can fully enjoy the casino’s online poker offerings. When it comes to the age requirement, all casinos allow only those 18 years of age and beyond to play online poker. Once you are already a member and deposited the minimum amount, you can start playing your favorite variations of online poker.

Real Play vs Free Play in Online Poker

Most casinos do not require real money just to experience playing online poker. It offers demo mode for those who are still new to online poker. If you just want to try it out for the first time or just for fun, free online poker is the best for you. You can choose this option to hone up your poker skills or just enjoy if you have free time. However, when you want to aim for the jackpots, then consider playing the real money version of online poker. Poker comes in varieties and each of them offers an innovative approach to poker gaming. Among the popular variants of poker in New Zealand are Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Omaha High/Low.

How Do You Choose the Right Poker Rooms?

Before you get into the real action, it pays to look for the best poker rooms. In most cases, a digital poker room consists of digital tables sorted according to the betting limits available. This requires you to think of your betting style and budget so you won’t fall short of funds in case things do not fall into place. Below are recommendations to help you decide on the best poker rooms.

1. Watch out for loud poker rooms. If you are playing in a traditional casino, choose a table that’s loud where players are having fun. The players tend to bet large sums of money. Hence, there’s a chance that you can enjoy big winnings.

2. Pay attention to the bets of the other players. Are they tight when it comes to betting? Or they are willing to pay more?

3. Consider tournaments. If you are looking for more action, then the tournaments are the way to go. Some tournaments offer thousands of prizes for the top scorers.

Simple Tips To Remember Before You Play Poker

Players from New Zealand can maximize the chances of winning if they have prior knowledge of how poker is played and dealt. Before you invest lots of money on poker games, make sure you follow these tips to ensure a memorable poker experience.

  • Play online poker for fun. Aside from the fact that poker can give you winnings, it is important that you are having fun as you play poker. In online gambling, uncertainty is part of the game. You can win at one point or lose successively. Avoid the obsession of winning the game because it will only impair your ability to see the situation from a positive perspective.
  • Set a betting limit. The betting limit refers to the specific amount you can spend and it should remain consistent. Through this approach, you can keep track of your poker winnings and losses. It pays to stick on the betting limit to avoid large losses.
  • Say no to alcohol when playing. When you play poker, make sure that you are not drunk. Alcohol can damage your observation skills and judgment. If this happens, other players might take advantage of your situation. And worst, you might bet and spend more than your betting limit without noticing it. If you have a drink with you and choose to play poker, it is safe to go for a free play game.
  • Set a gaming space free from distraction.Before you start playing, it is important to keep yourself comfortable and get ready for a winning streak. The sore back might hinder you from enjoying the poker games so choose a comfortable seat before playing.

Poker Hand Values You Should Know

Online poker is all about the hand values and deciding if you are willing to play or surrender it. Here’s a quick look at the hand values in poker.

  1. Royal Flush – Ace, 10, King, Queen, Jack.
  2. Four of a Kind – Four cards in the same rank.
  3. Straight Flush – Consists of five cards in sequence.
  4. Full House – Consists of three of a kind cards and a pair.
  5. Straight Five – Cards in sequence, in a different suit.
  6. Flush Any – Five cards in the same suit, but a different sequence.
  7. Three of a Kind – Three cards in the same rank.
  8. Two Pair – Two distinct pairs.
  9. Pair Two – Cards in the same rank.
  10. High Card –The highest card played when none of the hands above are used.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Poker

Online poker’s main aim is to beat the hand of the other players. Players get 5 cards during the game which is used to build the hand. Hands are classified according to their values and the highest value card wins the pot. You can refer to the description of each hand above. One of the strongest hands is the Royal Flush which consists of the 10, Jack, King, Queen and Ace. Starting hands may be in multiple pairs of the same rank. Marginal hands may consist of five cards in a sequence of five cards in the same suit.

What are Online Poker Tournaments?

Unlike poker games in a physical casino setting, online poker gaming slightly differs. Poker tournaments require players to pay the upfront casino fee just to obtain a seat at the poker table. They will also set a certain number of online chips. When players lose the tournament, their poker chips are eliminated.

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Poker

This poker glossary section provides a listing of all the terms used in different poker casinos. Also, some players have developed slang terms when playing the game. To fully enjoy the poker experience, it’s best that you know these words.

  • All-In: All chips are at play.
  • Check: Player takes a pass on betting.
  • Call: Player sets the minimum required to play a hand.
  • Flush: Poker hand consists of five cards in the same suit.
  • Action: Used when players bet or raise a hand.
  • Straight: 5 cards in a sequence.
  • Fold: Player sets cards face down on the table.
  • Raise: Wagering above minimum amount before calling the bet. 
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards in the same suit.

Lesser-known Poker Terms

  • Flop: First 3 community cards after the first betting round.
  • Continuation Bet: A bet placed after missing the flop and get into the pot with pre-flop raiser.
  • Drawing Dead: Continuous drawing of cards that won’t form a winning hand.
  • Bankroll: Predetermined amount a player is willing to spend.
  • Boat: Full House.
  • Full House: Three of a kind and a different pair.
  • Board: Five face-up community cards that can be combined with pocket cards.
  • Muck: Refers to the discarded cards in a hand. 
  • Button: Plastic disk that is used in live poker.
  • River: Fifth community card.
  • Backdoor: Getting the cards to turn on a hand
  • Bad Beat: A player loses a hand to the opponent after a turn, flop or river
  • Rake: The amount collected from the hand by the house
  • Freeroll: Refers to a free tournament or a hand where players can split the win or pot.
  • Bubble: Top finisher in a tournament.
  • Gutshot: An inside that is completed by a possible card.
  • Limp: Another term used for calling bets.
  • Loose: An aggressive online poker playing style.
  • Monster: Large hand.
  • Burn: Before each betting round, the top card is discarded. 
  • Nuts: The best potential hand a player can have
  • Off-suit: Pocket cards not of the same suits.
  • Outs: A card that can improve your hand.
  • Play the Board: Use five community cards instead of using your hand.
  • Blind: Refers to a position at the table including big blind and the small blind.
  • Side Pot: Created after players go all-in bets on the original pot. This refers to any extra money bet placed by the other players. Those who contribute to the original pot are eligible to win a side pot.
  • Position: Refers to the placement at the table which determines your play order.
  • Satellite: Small buy-in tournament. Instead of cash, poker rooms reward players with entry fees and seats to higher-value tournaments.
  • Split Pot: The pot is equally divided as multiple players have the same hand.
  • Top Pair: The highest card pairs on the board.
  • Rags: Cards that cannot improve a hand.
  • Rainbow: A flop with no two cards are in the same suit.
  • Under the Gun: Refers to the First-to-act spot position on the table located at the left of the big blind.
  • Trips: Three of a kind cards.
  • Sit and Go: A poker tournament style which only starts once the minimum required the number of players is met.
  • Freezeout: The most common poker tournament gaming style. Players buy-in and get chips and play until they run out.
  • Heads-Up: A one-on-one tournament played.
  • Set: Pocket pair hitting the board and creates three of a kind.
  • Showdown: Remaining players after the final round expose their hands to determine the wins.
  • Turn: Known as the Fourth Street

FAQs About Online Poker for NZ Players

1. How do I learn to play online poker?
If you don’t play poker you can never understand the mechanics and learn how it is played. The best way to learn is to join a poker room and observe what is happening at the poker table. You can watch out how other players play the game so you may also develop the necessary skills for you to win.

2. What is the difference between online poker and in-person poker?
The speed of dealing cards is the major difference of online-poker from in-person poker. With online poker, cards are dealt electronically in terms of shuffling, dealing and handing out of chips. Online poker is a fast-paced game compared to in-person poker. You can finish the game in minimal time.

3. Is there a time limit on bet decisions?
Online poker sets no limit on the waiting time to make a bet. However, common courtesy should be observed at all times. Otherwise, you might get kicked off the table if no bets were made for a longer period.

4. How do I claim my winnings?
For in-person poker, players can get cash once they win the game within the day. However, with online poker, the process may be different. Winnings from online poker can be received via mailed check which may take several days before it is received.

5. How do online casinos generate their profit?
Online poker organizations collect a rake from online players for them to cover expenses. Rake is a standard fee collected from each online poker hand played. Tournaments are also subject to fees which can also be used by the poker organizations.